The Soulmate Attraction Academy

The Soulmate Attraction Academy was founded to help you go from single to the shortest time possible. Imagine finally being able to melt into the arms of your beloved...

These programs provide the deepest, most effective way to clear your blocks to finding love...even when nothing else has worked!

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Clear Your Blocks to Finding Love
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Exceptional Love Programs

Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program

This is a powerful home-healing program that helps you uncover your hidden blocks to finding love and uses EFT to quickly break free and magnetize your soulmate into your life as quickly as possible.

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Self Love 2 Soul Mate Program

The Self Love 2 Soul Mate program uses the magic of EFT Tapping to increase your healthy self-love and inner confidence so that you will attract the One by feeling like the One!

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Fearless Dating! Program

The Fearless Dating Program uses the magic of EFT Tapping to release your fear of rejection so that you can date with confidence and fearlessly meet the partner of your dreams!

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Single 2 Soulmate Mentoring

Single 2 Soulmate Mentoring

Expert, personal, one-on-one EFT love coaching to quickly get to the root of your blocks to finding love and clear them in the shortest time possible so that you can finally be with your beloved.

Single to Soulmate Mentoring is for when you feel that 1-on-1 attention is the best path for you.

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Soulmate Attraction Intensive

Soulmate Attraction Intensive!

The Soulmate Attraction Intensive is the ultimate live program offered by the Soulmate Attraction Academy.

It's a 5 month intensive program giving you everything you need to clear your blocks and attract the love of your life!

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