Deep down do you feel worthy of your soulmate?

Is there a hidden insecurity that is sabotaging your love life?

You see, research shows that...

Good self-esteem and healthy self-love are at the root of your ability to attract a wonderful partner.

If you don't feel worthy of a great's very hard to attract one.

The truth is, to attract the One...
you must feel like the One

What most people don't realize is that their self-esteem in relation to their future soulmate can be very different from their self-esteem in general.

(Do the simple but deep 1-minute exercise below the following story to discover your Soulmate Self-Esteem Quotient.)

My strange belief about my soulmate...

One day when I was 28 years old, I had just ended the most miserable relationship I'd ever had, and I was sitting on my bed soul searching about my love life...

I became aware for the first time that I had been having one painful relationship after another with the same kind of women.

That was a surprising and depressing realization...

However, it was the next realization that shocked me!

When I thought about the kind of woman I ideally wanted to be with, I was hit with this unshakable belief:

Any woman that I was super interested in couldn't possibly be interested in me!

Over time I came to understand that this strong belief came from a feeling that there was something wrong with me deep down in my core, and I was not worthy of a great woman.

In other words, I didn't have healthy self-esteem and self-love at the core of my being...

What was shocking to me about all this was that up until then, I had always thought that I felt pretty good about myself!

After all, I had good friends and was very confident in my career...

It wasn't until I thought about my future soulmate that I got in touch with these deep self doubts.

My low self-esteem in relation to my soulmate caused me to either stay far away from the women I was most interested in or to be a bumbling mess when I did try to talk to an exciting woman.

A huge part of my journey to finding my soulmate was to heal this feeling that there was something wrong with me at the core of my being and to develop healthy self-love.

It wasn't until I succeeded in developing healthy self-esteem and self-love that I was finally able to attract my soulmate, Laura.

Exercise: Your Soulmate Self-Esteem Quotient — Your Self-Esteem in Relation to Your Soulmate

So, how is your self-love in relation to your future soulmate?

You may already be aware that you have self-doubts and challenges around self-esteem when you think about your soulmate.

However, you may be like I was and not realize how deep your insecurities go...

The Simple but Deep Exercise to Get in Touch with Yourself

Let's find out the level of your self-doubts by doing this enlightening exercise:

  1. Think of the most important things you are looking for in your ideal partner
  2. Now close your eyes and imagine that he or she is standing in front of you with a big smile and arms wide open
  3. Now notice your emotional reaction...

You may have a lot of different reactions when imagining your ideal partner standing in front of you. For one, you may initially feel excited!

However, if you are like 95% of the population, you probably also experienced a wide range of fears and limiting beliefs.

For this exercise I would like you to focus in particular on any fears or insecurities or negative beliefs around your worthiness of your ideal partner.

When I do this exercise with my clients, I usually hear are things like:

  • He's/she's amazing, but I'm afraid s/he won't like me!
  • I'm afraid that I'm not good enough for him/her
  • He/she is completely out of my league
  • What would he/she see in me?
  • I don't feel attractive/successful enough for someone like that
  • If s/he really gets to know me, s/he'll reject me

Can you relate to any of this?

Your Soulmate Self-Esteem Quotient —
How Much Is this Self-Esteem Issue Affecting YOU?

In cases like this, I like measuring things so that I can get clear about how much this issue is impacting my life.

I invite you to notice how intense your insecurities were in this exercise when imaging meeting your ideal partner.

Notice any feelings of not feeling good enough or worthy of this person.

Now on a scale from 0 to 10 rate how worthy you feel of your ideal partner in your gut rather than your mind.

For instance, you may know intellectually that you are worthy of your ideal partner at a level 10 (which is true).

However, your "gut" feeling of your worthiness may only be a 2.

Unfortunately, it's your gut belief that truly rules your life, so it's important to set aside your mental awareness and just measure your gut belief alone.

The number you came up with is your Soulmate Self-Esteem Quotient.

How Your Soulmate Self-Esteem Quotient Impacts Your Chances of Being with Your Soulmate...

Now that you have determined your Soulmate Self-Esteem Quotient, let's look at what it means:

  • If your Soulmate Self-Esteem Quotient was between 0 and 4, then your insecurity in relation to your soulmate will be paralyzing, and you won't feel good enough for your ideal partner. Instead, you'll either have very painful relationships or end up being alone...
  • If your Soulmate Self-Esteem Quotient was between 5 and 7, then your insecurity in relation to your soulmate is moderate. It won't completely block you, but it still makes it hard to be your best natural self, which can hurt your chances of being with your ideal partner and you'll usually end up settling for something much less.
  • If your Soulmate Self-Esteem Quotient was between 8 and 10, then congratulations! You have enough self-esteem and healthy self-love that you can be your best natural self when talking with an exciting new person! You have nothing to worry about in that department.

It's very important to know where you stand in the insecurity versus self-esteem and self-love in relation to your soulmate department, and your number gives you that information.

If your number was 7 or lower, don't be discouraged. This just means that you are like the great majority of the population! Most of us struggle to some degree in this area.

The good news is that there is a powerful way to increase  your self-esteem and healthy self-love so that you can attract an amazing partner!

What Does Healthy Self-Love Look Like?

There are a lot of misconceptions about self-love. Some people even think that loving yourself is a bad thing!

Here is what healthy self-love is NOT...

  • It's not being conceited, self-absorbed or arrogant
  • It's not being egotistical or thinking that you're better than other people

People with healthy self-love are the farthest thing from being arrogant or conceited or the other things.

When you have healthy self-love...

  • You feel good about yourself and radiate an inner confidence
  • You know that you are worthy and deserve good things and are not willing to settle
  • You can stand up for yourself when you need to
  • You feel good in your own skin
  • You are attracted to and attract someone who also feels good about him or herself (you always get together with someone who has the same amount of self-love as yourself)

Think about it, the single most attractive quality a person can have is feeling good about oneself. It's a radiance that is felt by everyone around you...

What if you could develop this kind of healthy self-love for yourself?

Imagine walking around with an inner radiance that draws people to you...

Imagine talking with a new attractive person or going on a date feeling happy and comfortable in your own skin...

  • No more feeling awkward and tongue-tied
  • No more self-sabotage or shooting yourself in the foot
  • No more trying to win his/her approval because you doubt yourself!

Picture yourself meeting an attractive man or woman...

It's easy to meet that person's eyes and just be yourself...with confidence.

Imagine going on a date and laughing easily...

You're having fun, and you're not worried about whether or not your date likes you. 

Instead, you're just noticing how you feel on the date and whether or not you like him or her!

Having healthy self-love will completely transform your dating experiences so that you feel worthy of a great partner and can attract one!


Self Love 2 Soul Mate

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The Self Love 2 Soul Mate has 5 powerful processes to help you develop compassion and appreciation for your unique, beautiful self!

These processes use the magic of EFT Tapping to gently release any emotions holding you back so that you can increase your healthy self-love and inner confidence and attract the One by being the One!

The Self Love 2 Soul Mate program consists of:

Four transformational guided EFT Tapping session audios that help you send love to the parts of you that seem unlovable and develop healthy self-love from the origin of your birth to the present moment and beyond!

A powerful workbook to help you counter all of the endless negative self-talk and increase your appreciation for all of your wonderful qualities so that you feel like the great catch that you are!

Note: The audios in this product can be listened to on-line or downloaded to your computer or smart phone or tablet to listen to whenever you want.


In the following testimonial, Annette shares a huge, unexpected side benefit to using the Self Love 2 Soul Mate program in addition to dramatically helping her love life...

The Self Love 2 Soul Mate self-love processes have helped me love myself in a way I never thought possible.

First, It helped me in a huge way around feeling worthy when talking to men!

And it also helped me in a dramatic way that I wasn't expecting at all.

I had a skin condition for several months that caused me to have an inflamed rash all over my body. I felt like a freak. That made me self-conscious and insecure when it came to the idea of meeting my soul mate.

So depression set in and I ate for comfort, and I gained a lot of weight.

I hated how my rash looked and I hated that it itched so much, so I would scratch it really rough to the point that it hurt.

When you guided me through the Sending Love to our "Unlovable" Parts process, it was really difficult for me to love the fat on my body and the areas of my body that had the rash (which was about 90% of my body).

During the process I was crying because I knew deep down I didn't love those parts of my body. I could NEVER love those awful parts of my body.

But I still followed your guidance and sent love to the fat on my belly and the areas of my body that had the itchy, red, ugly, inflamed rashes.

Immediately after the guided process, I did not itch at all! I thought it was just all in my head, but it has been almost 6 months and I have not itched ever since.

My rash started going away over the following week and it continued to get better. Remember, I had this condition for several MONTHS. My rash was healing so I was able to exercise and I was super motivated.

I dropped 15 pounds of fat in 4 weeks. My belly was trimmer (firmer and flatter, not perfect, but a work in progress). And my rash was completely gone.

I would definitely recommend this guided process to anyone who hates any part of their body!

I am so grateful for your amazing self-love program in so many ways, for both my love life and my body! Annette

What Is EFT Tapping?

A key element of the Self Love 2 Soul Mate program is that is uses the magic of "EFT" to help you overcome your internal resistance to loving yourself while nurturing healthy self-love.

However, you may not already know what EFT is (also known as the "Emotional Freedom Technique" or "Tapping")...

EFT is a powerful, easy-to-learn self-help tool that works like “emotional acupressure” to rapidly relieve negative emotions, fears, and limiting beliefs.

It is extremely effective for healing the fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs that have been hurting your self-esteem and healthy self-love.

I have been Tapping for years and have found it to be a pivotal tool in creating the life of my dreams. Jack Canfield, Co-Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

Special Bonus! — What If I Don't Know How to Do EFT?

If you don’t already know how to do EFT, a bonus of the Self Love 2 Soul Mate program is a 3-part video EFT tutorial that will teach you how to do this easy-to-learn technique.

EFT is a wonderful tool that you will be to use in many areas of your life!

Will the Self Love 2 Soul Mate Program Work for Me?

In a word...Yes!

The Self Love 2 Soul Mate program uses powerful EFT-based processes that help you get in touch with and appreciate your core essence and everything that makes you uniquely you!

EFT is such a powerful technique that this program works well for most people, so it's extremely likely that it will work great for you too!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

However, nothing is perfect, so we provide a hassle-free, 30-day money-back guarantee.

You are welcome to give the Self Love 2 Soul Mate transformational program a try, and if you feel that you are not getting the benefit that you want, just contact support, and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Price $197
Intro Price $97!

Imagine finally having the Love of your dreams…

Having insufficient healthy self-love and confidence can prevent you from attracting a wonderful partner...

However, once you dramatically increase your healthy self-love and confidence with the Self Love 2 Soul Mate program...

You will be able to attract the One by feeling like the One...a confident and radiant you!

I have been helping individuals and couples with their relationship issues for over 25 years

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I am happily married to a wonderful woman named Laura, and we have an inspiring, love-filled, and wonderfully fulfilling relationship!

I found the partner of my dreams, and it’s my passion to help you find yours!

Self Love 2 Soul Mate

Develop Healthy Self-Love and Radiant Inner Confidence
So that You Will Attract the One by Feeling Like the One!

Price $197
Intro Price $97!

No-Risk 30-Day Money-back Guarantee!