My Story — About Stefan

"It is my soul's mission to open my heart and expand my ability to love and my passion to help others do so as well." ~ Stefan

My Healing Journey

My own healing journey to find love began with a day of despair when I was 28 years old.

I had just ended my worst relationship of a series of painful relationships, and I had stayed in it too long. In fact, this relationship was so bad that I hated even admitting that she had been my girlfriend!

I was sitting there trying to figure what was wrong with my love life when it suddenly hit me that my last several girlfriends all had a certain very painful trait in common, even though they were very different in other ways!

I was sick and tired of repeating that kind of painful relationship over and over again, so I started to picture the kind of woman that I really wanted to be with instead.

However, as soon as I pictured my ideal partner, I felt a huge wave of fear!

That was when despair set in.

Since I was fatally attracted to the wrong kind of women and was terrified of being with the right woman, I was afraid that I would never be able to have a successful love relationship.

My love life felt totally doomed...

However, this couldn't be the end of my story!

I was totally committed to finding my soulmate, and I was not willing to settle!

So, I entered therapy and started my own healing journey to find love. 

I know what it's like to spend years trying to find true love.

I know the frustration, loneliness and even despair of that search.

I spent many many (yes many) years trying to work through my blocks to finding love using traditional therapy.

It wasn't until I found the amazing, rapid transformational tool, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or "Tapping"), that I was able to completely break through and finally find the love of my life, Laura.

Now, with EFT, I can help you clear your internal barriers to love in weeks to months instead of years to decades (to never).

You have no idea how much I wish that I had had EFT when I started my own healing journey!

Soulmate Attraction Mentor - Expert EFT Practitioner

I am a certified AAMET Level 3 EFT Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer. I have been helping individuals and couples with their deep emotional healing and relationship issues for 25 years and have specialized in using the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for 17 years.

In addition to "standard EFT," I now use a powerful combination of EFT and Inner Child healing called Matrix Reimprinting, as well as an amazing, spiritually-oriented technique called Ask and Receive.

I've always had an intuitive gift (supported by extensive training) to quickly get to the heart of the matter and discover the root cause of my clients' problems.

I often get comments like:

I've seen four practitioners before you, but you were the first one that helped me discover the source of my problem.

All EFT practitioners know how to do the tapping process. However, knowing specifically what to tap on can make all of the difference. My success rate is extremely high.

Stefan makes it easy to do EFT because he is incredibly intuitive and supportive. Even the deepest and most painful memories fade away or even appear funny after a session.

I notice major changes after every session, and just after a few sessions I have developed a new calmness and self awareness that I don't ever remember having in my life.

My Training

I have nine years of training in the following emotional healing techniques: EFTMatrix ReimprintingAsk and Receive, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, couples coaching, group therapy (Relational Model), EMDR, the Core Transformation Process, Inner Bonding, Inner Child Healing, Focusing, Guided Imagery and Spiritual Approaches, and other body-oriented therapies.

My body-oriented Gestalt Therapy training has given me a particularly good background for helping clients get more clearly in touch with their issues and discover the root of their problems.

It is a wonderfully supportive complement to the healing power of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

My Healing Philosophy

One of the keys to healing is being gentle and compassionate with the hurting parts of ourselves.

We may be uncomfortable with (and even hate) certain parts of ourselves, but these are just parts of us whose needs were never met growing up.

By being compassionate with these parts, we can find out what they need and heal them. This is at the root of healing the dysfunctional behavior in our lives.

From an appreciative, self-loving place we can work with instead of against ourselves to find much more satisfying solutions in our lives.

1-on-1 Single 2 Soulmate Mentoring

You can also read about the option of doing 1-on-1 Single 2 Soulmate Mentoring to clear your barriers to finding love in the shortest time possible.

Are You​​​​​​​ Ready to Meet Your Soulmate?
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Let's chat to see how EFT and Soulmate Attraction Mentoring can help you break free from your love blocks and have the spine-tingling and lasting love you long for. Contact me to arrange your session.

Please note: I only have a limited number of client openings left at this time. Please contact me for availability.

No matter how long you have been looking love is possible for you!

I have experienced wonderful benefits from working with EFT clearing old memories from the past.

I trust Stefan in the process to guide me through to the other side and help me to release past hurts and wounds.

I have finally come to a place of being able to live with a joyful heart most of the time.

Stefan is a gentle and intuitive healer who is gifted in helping others to open the door to healing.

~ Sollena Marginn, Life Path Coach

I’m thrilled that after going through your program, I finally found a man who really WANTS to be with me, unlike all the men in my past!

He’s a wonderful man, and we’re madly in love. We’re married now, and it’s everything that I hoped for!

~ Jennifer J.