A Special Note to Men

This Program Is For You

I want to make a special welcome to you as a man participating in this program! You have probably noticed that most of the people in the Intensive are women, which is because women are much more likely to participate in a personal growth program like this.

So, you may be a bit concerned that what the women tap on may not apply to you...

What Does This Mean For You?

So, what does it mean if you are a man participating in this program? This means that you are one of the uncommon men who are willing to do powerful inner work to transform your love life! This puts you way ahead of the game relative to the vast majority of men.

Even though many of the tapping sessions will be done with women, many of the issues being worked on are universal to both men and women. For example, how many of us struggle with feelings of not being good enough or not worthy of a fantastic partner?

Even with the sessions that you don't directly relate to, you will still get a lot of benefit working with them using the Borrowing Benefits process (described on another page in this program).

If you apply yourself to the program fully, you will turn your love life completely around, and you will be a much more attractive man to most women. I speak from experience. Welcome!

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