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Soulmate Attraction Intensive

If you have made it this far, wonderful!! You have been pre-approved to this point, and you are on your way!

Please remember, we are only accepting 20 people out of 60 applications into this intensive program, and we will be starting soon, so please complete this homework as soon as possible.

I want to commend you on applying to participate in the Soulmate Attraction Intensive and congratulateyou on being one of the top 3% of people who see and understand what is really needed to find wonderful, lasting, healthy love!

At the same time, we want to work with those people who are also truly willing and committed to doing the deep healing necessary to clear their love blocks to finally attract and keep the love of their life.

We want to make sure that there will be a great fit between you and the program so that we’ll be successful and you’ll get the results you desire!

As you will soon see, we put a tremendous amount of heart and soul into helping you get everything you need to find your ultimate relationship.

That’s why we are interested in working with the most committed people.

Before you can continue in the application process, there are a few steps we need you to do.

Please complete all of the following “Homework”

Bottom line is that we want you to be prepared. Watch the following videos, read the bio and other material on this page and submit it in so that we know that you finished.

The quicker you get it in, the faster we can get you on the phone, and get the ball rolling. That said, DO NOTrush through it. Please take your time.

If you get on the phone with one of us, you will quickly see how much we really want to help transform the love lives of a select group of people. Hopefully, that group will include you!

Understand what’s included

Before you continue, you need to understand exactly what’s included as part of the Soulmate Attraction Intensive. Watch this quick video for the full overview. (Please wait for the video to load…)


Meet Your Soulmate Attraction Mentor - Stefan Gonick

I know all about the endless pain to find your beloved…

At the beginning of my journey, my love life was a disaster! I was having one dramatic, painful relationship after another.

This had been going on for years, and I didn’t even realize that I had this unhealthy pattern.

It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom with my most unhealthy relationship of all did my pattern finally become clear to me.

Unfortunately, it got even worse after that. When I imagined my ideal partner… I was literally terrified!

My love life felt completely hopeless and doomed… However, I was not willing to let that be the end of my story!

I found a good therapist and worked with him for many years to heal my blocks to love. It took me 3 years of working with him to break free of being attracted to the wrong people. It was an incredible relief, but 3 years was a long time!

Ultimately, I worked with my therapist for 14 years. After all those years working with him, I was closer to my goal of finding my lifetime Love, but it was STILL out of reach…

One of the best things to come out of my many year journey (besides ultimately finding my beloved wife!), was that I became inspired to help people with their love lives as well.

I got 9 years of specialized training to help people with their love and intimacy issues.

I started helping people with their love lives as I continued working on my own. It was a slow, gradual process for my clients and for me, but I thought that that was just way things had to be. Of course, everyone knew that emotional healing takes a long time…

Everything changed when I learned the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I tried it with my clients, and they started having dramatic breakthroughs in just a few sessions that used to take months to even years with the methods I used before!

In fact, remember that it took my therapist 3 years to help me break free of being attracted to the wrong women?

I can now help my clients break free of one of their negative attraction patterns with only about 4 EFT sessions!

EFT combined with my extensive training in love and relationship dynamics became my new Soulmate Attraction Formula for helping my clients find love in the shortest time possible.

I was so thrilled to have finally found a faster and better way! So, of course, I also started using EFT to address my own remaining love blocks! I was able to blast through them in an amazingly short time!

After that I started to experience dating in a whole new way. I was now able to approach a fascinating woman feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin.

My god, dating actually became fun for first time! I was able to relax and just be myself. And the quality of the people I was attracting was way better!

When I met Laura, we knew by our third date that we were soulmates and wanted to get married. I decided to be at least a little bit reasonable and waited 6 whole weeks before proposing to her! :)

We got married 9 months after we started dating, and we have an inspiring, love-filled, wonderfully fulfilling relationship. Just look at her… isn’t she gorgeous!

For over 25 years, I have helped thousands of people find love and have better, more love-filled, lasting relationships.

I would love for you to join other successful couples in embracing the lasting love you long for!

Now, get to know Stefan’s teaching style by watching this short excerpt of Stefan teaching at a recent workshop…


Meet Your Soulmate Attraction Mentor - Stefan Gonick

I purchased your Finding the Love You Want Breakthrough Program in February, 2011, and I honestly think this was the best invested money of my life.

I cannot start to explain to you the dramatic change that working with EFT has caused in my life. And I'm not just talking about a "finding a relationship" kind of level but to a general level as well.

Once the excess emotional baggage is removed, your life really starts to make dramatic changesand you just feel more relaxed and content.

On the romantic side I don't want to go into details right now, but I'm excited to tell you that I now have a wonderful relationship! Itzel Compan, June 2011


Finding my life partner was like trying to solve an ancient mystery. Even though I actively sought and educated myself with the current guidance and advice from relationship experts, I still didn't understand why I was magnetically drawn to the wrong types of men.

I didn't want to waste any more of my life on unsuitable partners as I was totally worn-out by making the same mistake over and over again.

By following Stefan's EFT practices, I was finally able to permanently unearth and demolish those deeply ingrained false beliefs that kept me from finding the love of my life.

As well as experiencing a healing, I now possess an unshakeable self-assurance that I can and will attract the right life partner for me.

What a breakthrough! This program was beyond my expectations and I am thankful that I made the decision to seek Stefan's help! Julie


The Finding the Love You Want six week teleclass was nothing short of groundbreaking!

Stefan incorporates Inner Child work and EFT to release the emotional trauma impeding romantic growth. Inner Child work coupled with EFT gives you the tools necessary to gift yourself with opening the door to true emotional freedom.

Week III was unbelievable for me as I took ownership of the key core issues between me and my mother - I haven't needed to look back since.

When all is said and done, I have every confidence that these steps will ultimately lead me to attract a breathtakingly amazing partner and I will find the LIFE that I want. The point being, I feel wildly hopeful about what lies just ahead.

If after years and years of traditional talk therapy, you are still grappling with the same demons, the Breakthrough Program will make them go POOF - once and for all. Elizabeth, Indiana


I thought the program was extremely well laid out. It coherently explained pretty complex emotional stuff in a way that made it a whole lot easier to understand. I gained a lot of new insights and ways to release old baggage.

The session I had where you guided me through the issues with my father transformed my relationship with him. I had already done a lot of work in this area, but that one session was more powerful than all the work I had done to date combined.

So thank you again! I'm sure my future relationship will reap the rewards as well. The Finding Love program met and you exceeded my expectations! Lesley, 6-week Teleclass Participant


I just wanted to let you know that I got your Single to Soulmate Breakthrough Program in the summer of 2011. I had never had a serious relationship in my life - and I was 47 years old.

But, I was determined to change my old patterns. So I took your program. I listened to many of the recordings more than once and tapped along. I didn't even realize the program was working, but my outlook on love was changing.

A few months later, I met a great guy at a wedding. There were supposed to be no single men at the wedding - but we happened to sit at the same table toward the end of the evening and struck up a conversation.

It's now January 2012, and we've been dating since then and are making plans for the future. We are in love and we are talking about getting married.

Following your program helped me become ready to accept a loving relationship from a great guy. I was able to open my heart and mind to let someone into my life.

I know no relationship is perfect, but it's been surprisingly easy. No drama. No tears. I think breaking the old patterns and beliefs has opened the way for the great relationship. Thank you!Sandra V


I loved the program! I felt very safe with you. I think you have a way of creating safety for everyone. You handled everyone's calls with care and compassion.

I liked the structure, the format. I liked the group tappings... the ones you made up... they were very effective in addressing my (our) concerns.

I liked learning about working with one's inner child, and speaking through them, addressing all of the various feelings, etc... I learned more about myself and how one's childhood experiences affect us now.

I REALLY liked the way you got "angry" during the tappings, demonstrating how to relate to our own anger in a healthy way and how to get it out and the fact that you are probably the only person I have heard get angry that didn't upset me.

I LOVED the homework assignments...they are really essential and were very appropriate and doable. This is a great offering!!! Paula B


I thoroughly enjoyed the teleclasses and found them very helpful in helping me to understand the true nature of my deep 'attraction' for people that, in many ways, weren't really good relationship partners.

Prior to your teleclass, I thought I was a little crazy, or overly sensitive and sentimental. Some of my friends thought I had low self esteem because I couldn't seem to tear myself away from guys/situations that weren't good for me.

Now I have a reason for why this happened, and I can't tell you how helpful that is to me! I'm very grateful for having that understanding now. So, thank you Stefan! Your course was wonderful and I'm wildly happy that I was a part of it!Jacqueline, 6-week Teleclass Participant

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