Soulmate Attraction Intensive Application

The Comprehensive Transformational Program to Attract Your Soulmate

Soulmate Attraction Intensive

Congratulations! You are taking a profound step to transform your love life and finally have your ultimate relationship!

Remember, we are only accepting 20 people out of 60 applications into this intensive program, and we will be starting soon. Please complete your application as soon as possible.

Please understand that I only accept clients into the Soulmate Attraction Intensive who I feel are truly a good fit and ready for this intensive transformational program.

If it seems like you would be a good match for this program and the program would be a good match for you, one of my staff will contact to you to take the next step in the application process!

If you are admitted into the Soulmate Attraction Intensive, you will be fully embraced by this comprehensive transformational 4.5 month program to find your soulmate:

  • Your blind spots will be illuminated so that you’ll discover all your personal blocks to finding love.
  • You’ll use a unique version of EFT created by me, called Relational EFT™, to quickly dissolve your love blocks from a crucial relationship perspective. This will put an end to your miserable dating and relationship experiences once and for all.
  • You’ll also learn how to create your unique Soulmate Vision and use the Law of Attraction to help attract exactly who want into your life as quickly as possible.

In fact, you’ll be guided through every single thing that you need to attract, and most importantly keep, the love of your life!

And you’ll have an unprecedented amount of support every step of the way. 

This includes:

  • 8 one-on-one sessions with me (Stefan Gonick) twice a month
  • Email support
  • Weekly group calls
  • 24/7 support in our secret Facebook group
  • Support by your Growth and Accountability Partner

The Soulmate Attraction Intensive is unlike any other program to find love on this planet!

Are you ready to turn your love life completely around so that you can melt into the arms of your beloved?

Start your journey to find the love of your life by filling out this application!

Your answers to the questions in this Soulmate Attraction Intensive Application will be essential to help us determine whether you are committed, open and willing do what’s needed to uncover and heal your blocks so that you can finally attract your soulmate.

When filling out the application, please answer each question honestly and in detail.

You won’t be denied if you have relationship issues. On the contrary, showing some self awareness will help you get in!

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What is the biggest challenge you're facing right now when it comes to dating and finding the love of your life? What has been the most difficult or painful aspects of your past relationships and dating experiences.




What steps have you taken to improve your love life? Have you tried dating sites or matchmaking services? What was your experience?


Have you previously worked with a coach or completed a program related to finding love or dating? If so, what was the result?*


What would it mean for you to overcome these challenges? What will life look like when you meet your soulmate? What would a typical day look like?*


How ready are you, on a scale of 0 to 10, to look at your early childhood emotional wounds and do the deep healing needed to clear your love blocks, once and for all, so that you can finally be with your beloved?*


How committed are you, on a scale of 0 to 10, to invest the necessary time, energy, and financial resources to totally transform your love life?*



We look forward to speaking with you after receiving your application!

Stefan Gonick and Staff