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I Can’t Remember Specific Instances of My Parent’s Negative Trait

It is often the case that it can be hard to recall specific memories when a parent did the same thing to us so many times that they all sort of blend together. You try to come up with a specific memory, but you can’t.

The Solution

What you usually can remember is the general “scenario” that includes the type of thing that happened, and in particular, the energy of the parent in the scene.

This would include your parent’s facial expression, tone of voice and the kinds of things that were said and the overall emotional energy coming from the parent.

You can then use the more general scenario instead of a specific memory. When you do this, just imagine yourself at a young age, about 5 years old, and then use that scenario as the “memory.”

You can also make up details of the “memory” that fit the overall scenario. This is usually all it takes, and it works well!

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