Breakthrough Program Bonuses

The following are all of your bonuses that you get from purchasing the Breakthrough Program.

Some of them you have immediate access to now. Some of them you will get access to towards the end of the program when it makes more sense to use them. Enjoy!

Life-time access to live Finding Love Laser Q&A Calls throughout the year with Stefan Gonick, EFT Expert - $500 Value

Get YOUR questions answered on any topic about finding and creating extraordinary love:

  • Questions about your specific blocks to finding love
  • Questions about manifesting your partner
  • Questions about your healing process
  • The value of this program continues as long as you need it!

You will receive announcements for each Laser Finding Love Q&A call as long as you remain on Finding the Love You Want Breakthrough Program mailing list. Q&A calls typically occur once per month. During special events these calls may happen more often.

The New Behavior Manifestation Technique
by Stefan Gonick, EFT Expert - $100 Value

Much of our healing work is about reducing the negative in our lives. It's about reducing negative feelings and removing blocks. These are wonderful things, but there is often not enough energy put into increasing the positive in our lives.

The New Behavior Manifestation Technique is an EFT-based video and audio program to directly increase your ability to live your desired new behaviors, whatever they may be.

This may include your ability to be calm and confident while dating, eat healthier, exercise more, or whatever new behavior you desire.

The New Behavior Manifestation Technique is a wonderful tool that you can use for the rest of your life.

(Note: This bonus will be made available to you at the end of the Breakthrough Program. It will be most useful at that time.)

Breaking Ties to Past Partners
by Carol Look, EFT Master - $100 Value

An important block to finding love can be old heartbreaks and unresolved ties to past partners.

This EFT audio program is designed to help you overcome old heartbreaks and release those ties so that you are free to open your heart to new love in your life!

Right Click on this link to Download MP3 Audio (or Control-Click on a Mac)

The Love Synapse: Understanding Physical Attraction with EFT Sexperts Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner - $100 Value

In this day and age, doing the horizontal mambo is just part and parcel of the dating scene. But when is the right time to jump in the sack?

What is it about that level of chemistry that you need to know before bringing sexual intimacy into your new relationship? What are your conscious and unconscious contributions to this decision? Get the answer to these questions and more in this audio program.

Right Click on this link to Download MP3 Audio (or Control-Click on a Mac)

3 Vitals Steps to Getting Clear and Finding Your Ideal Partner with Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master - $100 Value

Many people really don't have a clear picture of what they are wanting and looking for in a partner.

In this interview, EFT Master Lindsay Kenny talks about the 3 vital steps you need to take in order to get clear and attract your ideal partner and soul mate.

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