The 3 Secrets to Attracting Amazing Love - Lesson 8

Dear Transformational Seeker of Love,

Welcome to the eighth and last lesson of the 3 Secrets to Attracting Amazing Love mini-course! If you missed Lesson 7, click the link to read Lesson 7 now.

Making the Law of Attraction Work for You

In the last lesson we talked about the Law of Attraction and how it affects your love life...for better or worse.

In this final lesson we will talk about how to make the Law of Attraction work for you to attract your beloved into your life as quickly as possible.

Remember that the Law of Attraction states that we will attract into our lives things that match our "vibration."

The question then becomes how do you move your vibration from a mixed or negative one to a positive one?

The simple answer is to reduce the negative feelings and increase the positive feelings.

Reducing Your Negative Vibration (Letting Go of Your Bad Vibes)

In lesson 6 you did the exercise of imagining being with the love of your life and noticing what feelings came up.

Any negative feelings that came up represent a negative vibration around love, which will attract more of the same and interfere with your search for your soul mate.

One client, "Ryan," used EFT to release the negative feelings that came up around imagining being with his soul mate.

He did this by tuning into his feelings of discouragement and sadness while lightly tapping with his fingertips on a small set of easily-learned acupuncture points.

It works because your body is composed of energy meridians that are in a dynamic interplay with your moods and thoughts.

The gentle tapping at key points is like "emotional acupressure," quickly releasing pent up negative energy and emotion.

EFT works like "emotional acupressure" to quickly and easily release negative emotions.

After going through the EFT tapping process, Ryan shares,

"What a relief I got from tapping on my negative feelings! I felt them just melt away.

It still amazes me how quickly this tapping stuff works!"

"By the end I was feeling much lighter. I'm feeling excited about all of the blocks that I have been clearing and really hopeful about my future now!"

As you can see, clearing those negative feelings put Ryan into a much more positive frame of mind.

There is also often a spontaneous positive shift in one's outlook when negative emotions are released using EFT.

So, in this case, Ryan reduced his negative vibration and increased his positive vibration at the same time.

Juicing Up Your Positive Vibration for Attracting Love

There are a number of different ways to increase your positive vibration to help attract love into your life.

There are methods that make excellent use of EFT as well as non-EFT methods.

In particular, there is an advanced EFT process where you imagine exactly how you want to be when you meet someone exciting, and then tap to "install" and reinforce that positive way of being until it becomes a natural part of you.

It is called the New Behavior Manifestation Process, which is a 7-minute per day guided video and audio program.

Research states that it takes 21 days to establish a new behavioral habit (i.e. a new way of behaving).

Marcia (Eve) from the earlier lessons used the New Behavior Manifestation Process extensively, but this time we'll talk about another woman named "Linda."

Linda's old habit was to be shy and introverted at parties. She felt awkward and self-conscious, standing by herself off to the side, quite anxious when talking to new people, especially men.

The New Behavior Manifestation Process was used in this case to directly increase Linda's positive vibration in social and dating situations.

It uses the EFT acupressure-based mind-body connection to install positive feelings and new behaviors at a deep emotional level.

And after doing this process for three weeks, Linda shares her results:

"Going to parties is way more fun than it used to be! I used to be such a wallflower, hoping that someone nice would come talk to me.

"Now, I really enjoy mixing it up and getting to know people!

I'm also much more comfortable talking with men. I realize that they are just people like everyone else! :)"

The New Behavior Manifestation Process is a wonderful tool for increasing your positive vibration and to reinforce new desirable behaviors for your love life.

There are many other processes for using the Law of Attraction to help magnetize your beloved into your life as quickly as possible, too many to try to describe in this mini-course.

Where Do You Go from Here?

You now understand the 3 key barriers to finding love and how they may be blocking your search for your soulmate.

If you've done the exercises, you also have a head start on identifying your own specific internal obstacles to finding love.

Understanding is an important first step, however you need to clear your blocks to get the deep, lasting Love you long for.

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