The 3 Secrets to Attracting Amazing Love - Lesson 7

Dear Conscious Seeker of Love,

Welcome to the seventh lesson of the 3 Secrets to Attracting Amazing Love mini-course! If you missed Lesson 6, click the link to read Lesson 6 now.

John's Story

John is an attractive, successful man in his 40's. He's had good experiences using dating sites over the years. He had refined his profile many times, and it had always gotten good results for him.

But after his last relationship ended, his experience changed dramatically:

"I've always had great results using dating sites. I've met every woman that I've gotten into a relationship with over the past 10 years that way.

"Women contact me a lot just from my profile, and they usually respond well when I contact them.

"But this time nothing is working right. As far as I can tell, I'm writing the same kind of contact emails I always have, but NOBODY is responding back to me!

"I also haven't been contacted by any women in months even though I haven't changed my profile. It's driving me crazy. I don't understand what's going on!"

Aligning Your Life to Attract Your Soul Mate

What could be going on for John? He used to have excellent results from dating sites, and now nothing seems to be working...

In order to understand this we are going to talk about a powerful concept called the Law of Attraction (described in the movie and book called The Secret) and how it affects attracting love into your life.

This is a little heady, but please bear with me.

The Law of Attraction states that we will attract into our lives things that match our "vibration."

In other words, things in the outside world that have a similar vibration to our own will naturally be drawn to us. So, what is meant by "vibration"?

All of your thoughts, feelings, desires and intentions have a vibration associated with them. This is the vibration that is being matched in the outside world.

What this means in practice is that whatever is consistently and predominantly in your conscious and subconscious mind will be drawn into your life.

You may be thinking... So Stefan, are you saying that if I think about and put my intention on finding the love of my life, then that "vibration" will attract my Love to me?

Because if you are, I can tell you that it's not working. I have been thinking about being with the love of my life for years, but my soul mate has not shown up!

The Secret to The Secret

I can understand why you might think the Law of Attraction is not working for you since you are not with the love of your life yet.

However, the Law of Attraction is in effect all of the time. Sadly though, you may not be fully aware of where your attention really lies.

You see, when you think about something that you want, your attention can either be on how wonderful it will be to have what you want.

Or it can be on the unhappiness of not having what you want.

The Law of Attraction will then bring more of what you are predominantly focused on into your life.

Soulmate Exercise — Your Emotional Guidance System

So, how can you tell if you are focusing more on the positive than the negative regarding your expectations of finding your soul mate (or any other goal)?

I invite you to do the following quick exercise right now:

Think about all the qualities that your ideal Love would have. Now, imagine going out dating to meet this amazing person and getting into a relationship. As you imagine this scenario, notice how you feel emotionally. Write down the feelings that come up for you before you read further.

When you imagined dating to meet your soul mate, were you feeling happy, excited, warm, or contented and thinking how wonderful it will be?

Or were you experiencing fear, discouragement, sadness, unworthiness... perhaps even bitterness about how unfair it all is?

Maybe you were having a hard time even imagining being with your ultimate Love?

Or you may have been having a mix of both positive and negative feelings.

Your emotional reaction to imagining having your desired goal serves as your "Emotional Guidance System" letting you know where your vibration is regarding that goal.

If your feelings are predominantly positive, then you are in alignment with attracting your goal (soulmate) into your life.

If your feelings are mixed or negative, then you'll get mixed or negative results. It's very helpful to know where you stand so you can do something about it.

It's also important to understand that we are not talking about trying to "think positive" as they recommend in some books.

Your Emotional Guidance System just shows you where your vibration currently is.

If you discover that you have a negative or mixed vibration, then it is critically important to shift the negative emotional energy (which you'll learn more about in lesson 7).

Metaphysics or Basic Psychology?

Some people may be skeptical of the spiritual explanation for the Law of Attraction. No problem. There is a straightforward psychological explanation as well.

When we have a positive, upbeat attitude and expectation towards fulfilling our goal of finding love, we are on the lookout for opportunities and tend to find them and be more open to them.

We also come across as more attractive and draw people's attention in a good way. This encourages people to connect with us because we're putting out a good "vibe."

And it works both ways. If we're focused on our fears and insecurities, we tend to find justifications for them and miss opportunities for love and happiness that are right under our noses. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Whether you chalk it up to the universe coming to our aid, or a truly positive attitude opening doors for us, there's no denying the Law of Attraction is a powerful force in our lives.

A Living Example of the Law of Attraction in Action - John's Story Continues

Let's check back in with John to find out what was causing his bad experience. Remember, dating sites used to work great for him, but now they weren't working at all.

John checked his "Emotional Guidance System" by imagining being with the love of his life. This is what came up for him:

"In the past I would imagine my soulmate as being beautiful, warm, loving, intelligent, playful and spontaneous. I would see her coming towards me with a radiant smile, thrilled to be together.

I would see us going on fun adventures, being excited and laughing a lot together. I would also see some yummy romantic moments that I would rather not put down in writing. :)

"But this time, when I tried to imagine being with my soul mate, images of my last girlfriend kept popping into my head! It made it hard to even imagine being with my ideal partner."

It turned out that John still felt romantically attached to his last girlfriend and his energy was still tied up with her.

This represented a negative "vibration" interfering with his love life. We did one EFT session on releasing that attachment, and this was the result:

"Clearing my attachment to "Rachel" was great. I felt so much freer afterwards. I tried imagining being with my soulmate again that night, and this time it felt wonderful!

"The very next day, I sent out two emails and both women responded! Later that day I also got an email from a woman I was going to contact but hadn't gotten to yet!

"Over the past week I set up dates with FOUR women. I'm actually starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Before, I was experiencing a Saharan desert, and now I'm getting flooded! :)"

Did the Law of Attraction help John get better responses to his emails, or was it his new positive outlook and readiness for connecting with new women?

Either explanation works. It is interesting to notice, though, that one of the women he was interested in contacted him the very next day without John changing his profile at all...

In any case, this was a powerful example of the Law of Attraction in action. The Law of Attraction doesn't always happen this fast, but this gives you an idea of how it can work for you.

You Can Do It Too!

A warm and loving romantic person is out there, longing to unite with you… to share in your tears and your laughter… to encourage and support you… and to hold you in their loving arms and never let you go. True intimacy is waiting.

Like John, you too can clear away the blocks that are preventing you from making the intimate connections you yearn for… so the Law of Attraction can start working for you instead of against you.

Stay Tuned for the Final Lesson

In the final mini-course lesson, we will look at what to do when your feelings are mixed or negative when thinking about having your Love in your life.

And how you can magnetize Mr. or Ms. Right into your life as soon as possible!

With love,