The 3 Secrets to Attracting Amazing Love - Lesson 5

Dear Amazing Seeker of Love,

Welcome to the fifth lesson of the 3 Secrets to Attracting Amazing Love mini-course! If you missed Lesson 4, click the link to read Lesson 4 now.

In this lesson I would like to share with you the love lives of two very different women...

Marcia's Story

Two sets of crossed legs in black pants, slightly bouncing from nervousness. Marcia is sitting in the corner with her friend Diane at Bette's party. Diane gets up to get a drink.

Marcia notices a cute guy looking at her from across the room; she quickly looks away and down, without making eye contact.

Later that evening, a very interesting man walks towards her with a warm smile on his face. He says, "Hi there. I'm David. Nice party isn't it? What's your name?"


"So, how do you know Bette?"

"From work."

After talking in this stilted way for a little while, Marcia's leg starts fidgeting, the conversation peters out, and David walks away.

Diane comes back and asks Marcia who that guy was, and Marcia says, "His name is David. He seemed really nice, but I just couldn't think of a thing to say to him!"

Marcia left the party feeling disappointed. She had hoped to meet someone interesting.

Marcia Meets Stuart

Marcia is feeling hopeful. She has been exchanging emails with Stuart on, and he is interested in meeting her for a date.

Marcia sets aside a few hours to get ready for her date. She tries on several outfits to find something that shows her off to her best advantage.

She spends an hour and a half on her hair and makeup. When she's ready, she calls Diane to come over to get her final approval.

As she drives to the restaurant, she talks to herself, "Okay, Marcia, you can do this. Remember, men find women appealing when you agree with them and act interested in their stories. So, ask Stuart a lot of questions and listen attentively."

By the end of the date, Stuart says,

"You're such a good listener! I had a great time talking to you tonight."

The following day Diane asks,

"How did your date go?"

"It went great. I think that Stuart really likes me."

Diane asks,

"Great! What did you think of him?"

"I haven't thought about it. I'm just happy that we're going on a second date."

After several dates, Marcia is packing for the weekend. She is excited that Stuart invited her to his lake cottage, despite the fact that he drinks a little too much and hasn't shown much interest in her work, family, friends or things that are important to her.

Marcia is also aware that she hasn't been comfortable sharing much about herself so far.

At the lake cottage there is a full moon outside, Marcia's favorite, and she tentatively calls out,

"Stuart, would you join me for a walk in the moonlight?"

He replies,

"Not now, another time."

Marcia says,

"Sure, no problem."

Marcia is sad and disappointed, but she reminds herself that Stuart is a good man, and she'll get her needs met some other time.

Over the coming months Marcia continues to have a hard time expressing her feelings and asking for what she wants.

After six months, Marcia is not a happy camper. Her relationship with Stuart is a mixed bag and feels very imbalanced. Marcia is feeling dissatisfied and lonely but is afraid to leave.

She's worried that there isn't anything better out there for her. It takes her another year to finally break up with Stuart.

Eve's Story

The door of the cafe opens, Eve walks in. She's wearing a simple black dress, becoming and unpretentious.

She holds her head high, her shoulders are relaxed, and she smiles as she searches for the red flower on the table where she will be meeting her date.

Eve has been exchanging a delightful series of emails with John, and she's looking forward to meeting him in person. She's curious, interested and excited.

As Eve is enjoying her crab cakes, she thinks that John is handsome and very engaging. She laughs throughout the evening and finds their conversation stimulating.

A few days later, her friend Alice asks about her date.

"I had a wonderful time! John is really a great guy, and it felt very easy and natural being with him. I'm looking forward to getting to know him better!"

Eve and John dated for a few months. They had a lot of fun together, but over time Eve realized that there were certain things that weren't quite right.

"John really is a great guy, MUCH better than the guys I used to date. He just isn't my great guy. We have a wonderful time together, but some of our life goals just don't match.

"I decided to end things with him. I need some time to clear my heart again, and then I'm looking forward to getting back out there and meeting the right guy for me!"

Eve Meets Marc

Across a steaming cup of cappuccino, Alice says "So... anything new in your love life, Eve?"

"Well, as a matter of fact, there is this guy, Marc, that I met on-line. Right from his first email, I was really intrigued. He was just so interesting!

We're having our first date on Friday, and I'm really looking forward to meeting him!"

A few months later, Alice asks Eve, "So, how's it going with my favorite power couple?"

Eve replies,

"I'm happy to report that Marc is not perfect, and yet... he might just be perfect for me! I love sharing all of who I am with him! We have an amazing connection.

"It was so cute the other day! As I came out of my bedroom, I saw Marc playing and cooing with my old cat, Buster.

"You know how cranky Buster can be, but he LOVES Marc. I think Buster just might have the right idea..."

The Story Continues...

Whew! Can you relate to any parts of Marcia's story? What did you think of Eve?

In the next lesson, we will learn what made it so hard for Marcia to be herself and how she ultimately transformed her situation. Stay tuned.

With love,

Stefan Gonick
Soulmate Attraction Mentor and Expert EFT Practitioner