Tapping Script:
I’m Not Worthy of Love

Tapping Script Introduction

We all struggle with not feeling worthy of love or feeling unlovable to some degree or another.

This can make it hard when we’re out there trying to meet the love of our life or when we are already in a relationship.

It can make us feel insecure when dating and cause us to be guarded and less able to be close when in a relationship.

Here’s a tapping script to help with that. In this tapping script I’m going to use more extreme language to more fully bring out the negative feelings for healing.

Even though it may be more accurate to say that “a part of me feels unworthy of love,” I’m going to say “I don’t feel worthy of love” for the purposes of this healing process.

I encourage you to do this tapping script a number of times until you feel a deep sense of worthiness inside.

Tapping Script

Set-up Affirmations (tapping on the karate chop point):

  • Even though I don’t feel worthy of love, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway.
  • Even though I feel unlovable, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself, with kindness and compassion.
  • Even though someone I’m really interested in couldn’t possibly want me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself just the way I am.️

Tapping Sequence

Top of Head: I am unworthy of love.
Inner Eye Brow: I’m a complete mess!
Side of Eye: Nobody great would be interested in me.
Under Eye: Deep down I’m totally unfit.
Under Nose: When I meet someone new, I’m afraid they’ll find out I’m not okay and reject me.
Chin: I’m just not lovable.
Collar Bone: Sure, I’ve attracted people in the past, but they were not the right partners.
Under Arm: I’m not worthy of a great partner.
Inner Wrist: What the heck would they want with me?
Karate Chop: I feel defective inside.

*** Take a deep breath ***

Top of Head: What if we were all lied to about our lack of inner beauty?
Inner Eye Brow: The lies were unintentional.
Side of Eye: They were based on our parents’ issues.
Under Eye: But they still hurt. A lot.
Under Nose: The truth is… all children are beautiful beings of light.
Chin: ALL children are beautiful beings of light.
Collar Bone: And that includes me.
Under Arm: What an idea!
Inner Wrist: What if somebody great found me intriguing.
Karate Chop: Clearly that’s impossible.

Top of Head: But what if that could happen?
Inner Eye Brow: No, that couldn’t happen.
Side of Eye: But what if it did happen?
Under Eye: What if they found my quirks endearing?
Under Nose: What if they found my heart appealing?
Chin: What if they could accept my emotional challenges… and see my good heart inside?
Collar Bone: What if this was a good person who is aware of their own challenges?
Under Arm: What if they accepted their own challenges and is working on them… and could accept mine as well?
Inner Wrist: What would that be like?
Karate Chop: What could that be like?

*** Take a deep breath ***

Top of Head: That might be scary…
Inner Eye Brow: Yep, that would be scary!
Side of Eye: But a part of me would be drawn to that.
Under Eye: In fact, a part of me would really love that.
Under Nose: I’m not sure I’m ready for it.
Chin: But it could be pretty amazing.
Collar Bone: I AM working on my emotional stuff.
Under Arm: In fact, I’m working on my stuff right now.
Inner Wrist: What if someone could see past my challenges… and see my true heart inside?
Karate Chop: What if I could see past their challenges… and see their heart inside?

*** Take a deep breath ***

Top of Head: What would it be like for our two hearts to come together as one?
Inner Eye Brow: The truth is we ALL have emotional challenges.
Side of Eye: We are ALL in this together.
Under Eye: I AM worthy of love.
Under Nose: I choose to breathe my worthiness into my heart (take a deep breath)
Chin: I choose to embrace my worthiness inside.
Collar Bone: I choose to open my heart to my worthiness and my future partner’s worthiness.
Under Arm: My future partner is also worthy of love.
Inner Wrist: And we will come together.
Karate Chop: In love.

This is the end of the tapping sequence. Take another deep breath. Repeat this whole tapping sequence when you are ready... 

Note: This tapping script is meant to be helpful. However, it is not meant to be a deep healing process that addresses the root causes of feeling unworthy of love.