Extraordinary Love really can be yours...

By using the Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program!

The “Cure” for Being Single…When Nothing Else Has Worked

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Introducing the Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program

The Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program is a powerful and effective program for breaking through your emotional blocks to finding lasting Love.

It brings together powerful self-discovery tools that allow you to uncover deep-seated emotional blocks that sabotage your efforts to develop healthy and nurturing intimate relationships…

It uses Relational EFT™ and my Soulmate Attraction Formula™ to rapidly release your love-limiting beliefs and behaviors… and it includes a unique application of the Law of Attraction to pull you and Mr. or Ms. Right into each other’s loving arms as soon as possible.

The Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program consists of 3 major modules:


Break Free From Being Attracted to the Wrong People
  • This is the most important first step! As long as you're still attracted to the wrong people, a happy relationship is just not possible for you.
  • Module 1 will help you break free and put an end to painful, repetitive, dead-end relationships once and for all.
  • Once you are no longer attracted to the wrong people, you naturally become open and attracted to your soulmate.


Clear Your Blocks to Being with Your Soulmate
  • After module 1 your eyes are finally focused on your true love instead of the wrong people.
  • However, this is where you encounter your fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs that sabotage your love life.
  • Until you clear all of this, your soulmate will remain forever out of your reach.
  • In module 2 you will break free of the fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs keeping you from the love of your life, so that you can finally attract and embrace your beloved!


Harness the "Law of Attraction" to Meet Your Soulmate Quicker
  • In this module you will learn powerful manifestation techniques based on the "Law of Attraction."
  • There will be special practices and EFT techniques to bring out the full power of the Law of Attraction to accelerate your love life, magnetizing your soulmate into your life in the shortest time possible.

The Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program also includes:

  • Over 30 transformational EFT healing sessions covering a very wide range of love blocks to make sure that your personal blocks will be included and the program will work for you.
  • The Breakthrough Program Workbook:
    Clear, concise, reading materials and step-by-step activities you can easily do that help you gently take your heart out of its hidey-hole so you can find and receive the love you so deserve.
  • No overwhelm or self-help you’ll never use! The recordings and support materials are provided to you over a 7-week time-frame so you can easily integrate this healing program as you go through each step.

Note: This product is delivered in the popular downloadable MP3 format, perfect for playback on your iPad, iPhone or Android device for on-the-go listening. Or listen on your Mac or PC while you’re at home.

The Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program will give you everything you need to attract and keep the love of your life.

Finding my life partner was like trying to solve an ancient mystery. Even though I actively sought and educated myself with guidance and advice from relationship experts, I still didn’t understand why I was magnetically drawn to the wrong types of men.

Stefan’s Breakthrough Program was my last hope.

By following Stefan’s EFT practices, I was finally able to permanently unearth and demolish those deeply ingrained false beliefs that kept me from finding the right mate. 

What a breakthrough! This program was beyond my expectations and I am thankful that I made the decision to seek Stefan’s help​! S.J., California

(Fast Action Discount - $150 off regular price until when the countdown reaches zero!)




The $150 off is only available until

when the countdown reaches zero.

Afterwards, the price goes back to $397.

Total value $1,300 including bonuses!
No-Risk 60-Day Money-back Guarantee!

What Makes the Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program Uniquely Effective?

There are other programs that might help you understand the nature of blocks to finding love. Understanding your blocks is an important first step, but what you really want to do is remove those blocks. I offer powerful methods not seen in other programs.

What makes the Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program uniquely effective is that it combines three potent methods for uprooting and releasing emotional blocks and limiting beliefs:

  1. Powerful Self-Discovery Processes to uncover your personal blocks
  2. Relational EFT™  to heal them quickly in a special relational way
  3. The “Law of Attraction” accelerate your love life

These 3 methods provide a powerful 1, 2, 3 punch not found anywhere else!

Self-Discovery: Discover YOUR Blocks to Finding Love

The Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program includes powerful methods for discovering the specific emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from the Love of your life.

As long as you don’t know what your blocks are, you are stuck at the starting gate, helpless to do anything about your love life.

However, once you have identified your blocks to love, you are in the powerful position to change the future course of your life.

The Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program then uses the power of EFT to break through your blocks once and for all.

EFT Quickly Clears Emotional Blocks to Finding Love

EFT (Tapping Therapy) is a powerful, easy-to-learn self-help tool that works like “emotional acupressure” to rapidly relieve negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

It is extremely effective for healing the fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and single.

I have been Tapping for years and have found it to be a pivotal tool in creating the life of my dreams. Jack Canfield, Co-Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

Relational EFT™ – Far Beyond “Standard EFT”

EFT is a powerful tool for quickly healing childhood wounds. However, as powerful is it is, Standard EFT alone is not sufficient for all aspects of finding Love.

The Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program uses a special version of EFT that I created called Relational EFT™ to do the deep healing work needed to clear those blocks, once and for all…

And it does it from a crucial relational perspective not found anywhere else.

Why Is That Important?

Of course, you need to clear the blocks keeping you from finding your ideal partner. That’s super important and a vital first step.

However, you also want to have a healthy relationship with your soulmate after you find him or her!

Imagine how tragic it would be to finally find your soulmate and then ultimately have your relationship fall apart because your unaddressed relational issues were sabotaging your relationship!

Through Relational EFT™ your inner child gets her or his emotional needs met in a way that never happened in childhood.

This is a critically important step in the healing process to stop being attracted to the wrong people once and for all.

Standard EFT alone can’t do this.

Once you have healed your wounds using Relational EFT™, you will find yourself being attracted to Mr or Ms Right...naturally.

After you have cleared your blocks and limiting beliefs using our unique approach to EFT, you then use the Law of Attraction to bring your soulmate into your life as soon as possible.

The Law of Attraction to Bring Your Soul Mate Into Your Life Faster

The Law of Attraction (as described in the book and movie The Secret) is a powerful force that works either for you or against you in your search for love.

It is always doing one or the other. It tends to be an unconscious process, and many people have had a difficult time getting the Law of Attraction to work in their favor.

The Secret to the Secret

The Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program uses your “Emotional Guidance System” to help you identify if your “vibration” for attracting love is positive or negative.

The results may surprise you. If your vibration turns out to be negative, you are actually repelling love from your life instead of attracting it!

The Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program provides potent EFT tools to help you dramatically shift your vibration for attracting love into the positive so that you can magnetize Love into your life as fast as possible.

This Sounds Like a Great System, Stefan. But Will the Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program Really Work for Me Personally?

The answer is a resounding YES! You will get help with your specific blocks to finding lasting, (luscious) love in the following ways:

  • The Breakthrough Program has powerful self-discovery exercises that are specifically designed to help you zero in on YOUR own personal blocks to finding love…
  • In addition, you will find that many of the individual EFT tapping sessions will be directly targeted to YOUR specific blocks to finding love
    (For example, how many people are attracted to unavailable partners or critical partners or needy partners or partners with anger issues or have a hard time saying no or don’t feel worthy of love, just to name a few?)
  • With over 30 EFT healing sessions to pick from, you will identify with many of them so that your personal blocks will be addressed!
  • There will also be group tapping processes that apply to everyone, including YOU…
  • Plus a valuable surprise bonus I’ll tell you about next that wraps the entire program around YOUR unique needs.You’re going to love it!

Sign Up Now and Get the Following Free Bonuses

Bonus #1: LIFE-TIME access to monthly live Laser Finding Love Q&A Calls with Stefan Gonick, Soulmate Attraction Mentor – $600 value

Get YOUR questions answered on any topic about finding and creating extraordinary love:

  • Questions about your specific blocks to finding love
  • Questions about your healing process
  • Questions about manifesting your partner
  • The value of this program continues as long as you need it!

These Laser Q&A Calls will help tailor the Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program to work best just for you.

Q&A call testimonial:

"I have been listening to the last 5 Q & A episodes and I must say that I am very impressed by the high quality of advice you provide!

The answers are wise, straight to the point, but delivered with compassion, and I can see that you are very intuitive too." ~Danielle

Bonus #2: The New Behavior Manifestation Technique by Stefan Gonick – $100 value

Much of our healing work is about reducing the negative in our lives. It’s about reducing negative feelings and removing blocks.

These are wonderful things, but there is often not enough energy put into increasing the positive in our lives.

The New Behavior Manifestation Technique is an EFT-based program to help you solidify any desired new behavior.

This may include being calm and confident on a date, eating healthier, exercising more, or any other behavior you desire.

The New Behavior Manifestation Technique is a wonderful tool that you can use for the rest of your life.

Bonus #3: Breaking Ties to Past Partners by Carol Look, EFT Master - $100 value

An important block to finding love can be old heartbreaks and unresolved ties to past partners.

This EFT audio program is designed to help you overcome old heartbreaks and release those ties so that you are free to open your heart to new love in your life!

Bonus #4: The Love Synapse:  Understanding Physical Attraction with EFT Sexperts Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner  – $100 Value

In this day and age, doing the horizontal mambo is just part and parcel of the dating scene. But when is the right time to jump in the sack?

What is it about that level of chemistry that you need to know before bringing sexual intimacy into your new relationship? What are your conscious and unconscious contributions to this decision? Get the answer to these questions and more.

Bonus #5: 3 Vitals Steps to Getting Clear and Finding Your Ideal Partner with Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master – $100 Value

Many people really don’t have a clear picture of what they are wanting and looking for in a partner.

In this interview, EFT Master Lindsay Kenny talks about the 3 vital steps you need to take in order to get clear and attract your ideal partner and soul mate.

So altogether, that’s over $1,400 worth of powerful block busting tools to help you open your heart to everlasting Love.

Not to mention the time, money and energy you’ll save when you stop being attracted to Mr. or Ms. Wrongs:

  • No more pointless, painful, bad dates
  • No more endless hours on dating sites
  • No more heartache from repeating the same painful relationships over and over again
  • No more lonely nights staying home watching TV…

The best part? All of these benefits are yours for less than you probably spend at your favorite coffee shop each month.

No-Risk 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not sure that the Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program will work for you, you are welcome to try it risk-free for 60 days. If you don’t feel that you are getting amazing benefits, ask for a refund. It’s as simple as that.

The Single 2 Soulmate

Breakthrough Program

(Fast Action Discount - $150 off regular price until when the countdown reaches zero!)




The $150 off is only available until

when the countdown reaches zero.

Afterwards, the price goes back to $397.

Total value $1,300 including bonuses!
No-Risk 60-Day Money-back Guarantee!

I just wanted to let you know that I got your Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program in the summer. I had never had a serious relationship in my life – and I was 47 years old.

But, I was determined to change my old patterns. So I took your program. I listened to many of the recordings more than once and tapped along. I didn’t even realize the program was working, but my outlook on love was changing.

Labor Day weekend, I met a great guy at a wedding. There were supposed to be no single men at the wedding – but we happened to sit at the same table toward the end of the evening and struck up a conversation.

It’s now January next year, and we’ve been dating since then and are making plans for the future. We are in love and we are talking about getting married.

Stefan, I want to thank you. Following your program helped me become ready to accept a loving relationship from a great guy.

I was able to open my heart and mind to let someone into my life. I know no relationship is perfect, but it’s been surprisingly easy. No drama. No tears. Thank you! Sandra V

Why Should I Get Started Now?

Before you just bookmark this page to “come back to later.”
(You know how that goes...)

Ask yourself:

  • How long do I want to stay stuck, lonely, and loveless?
  • How long do I want to keep having a painful, exhausting, discouraging love life?
  • How long do I want to keep having bad dates (or no dates)?
  • How long do I want to keep sabotaging myself when I meet someone great?
  • How long do I want to keep repeating painful relationships and heartache?

Hopefully, your answer is not a minute longer!
You really can take powerful action now to find, and most importantly keep, the love of your life!

The Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program will help you get the extraordinary love you long for!

(Fast Action Discount - $150 off regular price until when the countdown reaches zero!)




The $150 off is only available until

when the countdown reaches zero.

Afterwards, the price goes back to $397.

Total value $1,300 including bonuses!
No-Risk 60-Day Money-back Guarantee!