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The Soulmate Mastery Bundle upgrades the Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program with these two important programs:

  • The Self Love 2 Soul Mate Program ($97)
  • The Fearless Dating! Program ($47)
  • Special upgrade price of only $72 instead of $144

These programs upgrade the Breakthrough Program to give you the most comprehensive help for attracting your soulmate.

The Self Love 2 Soul Mate Program

Good self-esteem and healthy self-love are hugely important for attracting your soulmate.

If you don't feel good enough or worthy of a great partner, it's extremely hard to attract one.

There are two ways to raise your self-esteem and healthy self-love:

  • The first way is to use EFT to heal the wounds that made you feel unworthy of a great partner in the first place.
  • (You'll get this from the Single 2 Soulmate Breakthrough Program that you already bought.)
  • The second way is use special EFT processes to directly increase your self-esteem and healthy self-love.

The Self Love 2 Soul Mate program provides powerful EFT processes to boost your self-esteem and radiant inner confidence...

So that you will attract the One by feeling like the One.

The Fearless Dating! Program

Imagine meeting someone really exciting that you would like to date...

Now imagine trying to start a conversation with that person...

Finally, imagine going on that first date...

If you are like most of us, you're feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety.

This anxiety comes from the universal fear of rejection.

When dating you might experience the fear of rejection in many ways:

  • With anxious thoughts like "I hope that I don't say or do the wrong thing" or
  • Feeling and acting insecure or
  • Trying to be pleasing to win the "approval" of your date or
  • Trying to impress your date

These fears, anxious thoughts, and insecure behaviors interfere with being your natural, authentic self and tend to be a turn-off to your date.

This is where the Fearless Dating! program comes in...

The program starts by helping you make a radical shift in your perception of rejection...

The Fearless Dating! program then uses the magic of EFT to help you let go of your fear of rejection...

so that you can date with authenticity and confidence!

This is the final piece in your journey to your soulmate!

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